Opera Tours to the Met

“If you enjoy soaring melodies, beautiful voices, classical music & fabulous stage productions…then you will LOVE our 3 Nights at the Opera…”


Strolling somewhere near New York’s Upper West Side, there is a daring and fun-loving couple who knows exactly what we’re talking about…

People like YOU, in fact – from the Midwest, the South and the West; who have dreamed of coming to New York City to experience the wonder of the Metropolitan Opera ™.


Opera Tours to the Met - Indie New York Opera Tours

But the honest truth is, you spent most of the day laughing…

…talking and walking together like you haven’t done in years.

That’s the effect this city can have on you!


Opera Tours to the Met - Indie New York Opera Tours 

You will staying at the Empire Hotel, a premium boutique hotel,  just across the street from Lincoln Center and the Opera House.


Opera Tours to the Met - Indie New York Opera Tours 


Later that evening, strolling over to the world-famous Lincoln Center, you are mesmerized by the dancing water fountain as it sends its playful waves of color high up and across the enormous, brightly-lit Lincoln Center Plaza.

Across the way, the iconic multi-storied windows of the Metropolitan Opera ™ invite you into its world of music.



Opera Tours to the Met - Indie New York Opera Tours 


Minutes later, as you step inside the enormous, red-carpeted foyer of the Met Opera House ™, you feel like pinching yourself to make sure you’re really here.

You’re already notice the starburst chandeliers in the foyer. But now, looking up, you again see these magical constellations above you.

It’s like a dream come true.

– That’s when it suddenly hits you. You are happy – relaxed and at peace – for the first time in a good, long while.


Opera Tours to the Met - Indie New York Opera Tours 


So as you listen to the muted voices and subtle excitement of the crowd waiting for the performance to begin – you make your way to your seat in the orchestra section, lean back and smile.

That’s when you understand this is what living is really all about…enjoying the good things life and sharing them with the ones you care about.

Remembering that, you feel a tingle of anticipation as the orchestra tunes up and you also recall how everyone laughed when you told them you were going to go on an “opera” tour — If only they could see you now.

Now you can tell your family and friends what it feels like to spend a remarkable day reveling and racing around the city– taking in the landmarks, parks and museums we’ve all seen in magazines, television and films–each one found in that magical metropolis called New York City, also known as the Big Apple and the Capital of the World.

You know that they would ALL love to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience like this.

And so you sit back with one thought only as the chandeliers above you rise to the ceiling above – high overhead, signaling the beginning of the opera.

And as the house lights dim as you think, “Let the dream begin!


“Collect Memories, Not Just Ticket Stubs”

To Book an Opera Tour to the Met in New York

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Opera Tours to the Met - Indie New York Opera Tours 


Opera Tours to the Met - Indie New York Opera Tours 

Opera Tours to the Met

“Fulfill a dream of a lifetime & come to New York to attend 3 performances at the Metropolitan Opera ™”

Travel adventures like this were made for people like you…no matter where you live…people who can appreciate the music, the voices and the spectacle of the world’s most famous opera house.

The Met ™ is where all of the world’s most renowned singers, conductors, designers and musicians have performed for over 130 years.

And unlike traditional guided tours, our opera tour packages were designed for those bold and adventurous couples:

  • Who want to explore New York City on their own
  • Who want to travel independently & go when they want to go
  • Who want to take in performances at the Metropolitan Opera ™

Every 3 Nights at the Opera Package Includes: 

  • 5 Days – Arrive Sunday – Depart Thursday
  • 4 nights lodging at the Empire Hotel, a premium boutique hotel right across the street from Lincoln Center
  • Inclusive hotel amenities such as in-room Wi-Fi
  • Free tickets for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Met Opera House
  • Private round-trip transportation to and from any NYC area airport
  • Prime Orchestra seating for 3 evening performances at the Met Opera House ™



We invite you to discover how you can book a premium opera tour to the Met…for less!



Opera Tours to the Met - Indie New York Opera Tours 
The Empire Hotel – Gateway to New York’s Upper West Side


“Opera Tours to the Met, Visit America’s Premiere Opera House”

The NYC Opera Tours Difference

Fulfill a dream of a lifetime when you book an opera tour to New York and attend 3 great performances at the Metropolitan Opera House ™.

Experience the best in modern opera when you travel to New York City and attend a production given by the world-famous Metropolitan Opera House ™ at Lincoln Center.

Come see (and hear) for yourself some of America’s most exciting dramatic and musical performances in the cultural capital of the world, New York City.

Small Independent Opera Tours. We offer un-escorted tours for couples who wish to collect moments of joy, not just another ticket stub.

No cancellations. When you book a opera tour with us, you can rest assured knowing you will go even if you two are the only ones on the tour that week.

Private transportation. Car service to and from the airport.

So if you want to collect special moments, and not just ticket stubs, we invite you to call Steve Kutay at 1-984-202-5958, or discover how to book one of our Opera Tours to the Met here.