Q. How do I get tickets for a matinee performance?


Q. I would like to attend a Broadway show. Can I catch a matinee performance of a Broadway show?
A. You are in luck. On Wednesday, if you want to see a show before the opera you can get tickets right next door to the hotel at the Broadway discount ticket booth (a Theater Development Fund booth) is across the street from the Empire hotel.

This means that you can easily purchase discount tickets for a Wednesday matinee if you want to see a Broadway show before your Wednesday night opera performance.

The Broadway theater district is less than a mile from the hotel, by subway, bus or on foot. Not every current Broadway show is available at a discount at the ticket booth, but many are.

Tickets for Wednesday matinee performances are sold the day before. This means that you would need to get your tickets on Tuesday. The booth is open from noon to 7 PM but sometimes closes for a half-hour break at 3 PM.

You can easily find the TKTS Booth > located in the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center, 61 West 62nd Street)

However, you may also decide to go down to the ticket booth in Times Square. You will spend more time waiting on line there but the selection of available shows may be greater.

But you should be aware that you will encounter much longer lines at the Times Square ticket booth, especially if you want to see a musical show and not a drama.

Non-musical shows have a separate, shorter line.

But, the Times Square booth does NOT sell tickets for next-day matinee shows.

All the other ticket booths like the one at Lincoln Center do sell them.

Check out the Theater Development Fund (TDF) website: https://www.tdf.org/nyc/8/Locations-Hours.