Our Approach

NYC Opera Tours

We have many advantages over other opera travel companies

Small, independent tours

We offer un-escorted packages for small groups – as few as 1 or 2 people – so you can choose when you want to leave, where you want to go, how long you want to stay and what you want to see.

No cancellations

Some travel companies will cancel the trip if not enough people sign up for their tour group. Not us! When you book your tour with us, you can rest assured knowing you will go even if you two are the only ones on the tour.

Private transportation service to & from the airport

Your driver uses a private vehicle (not a bus). When you arrive in New York, your driver will meet you there at the airport and when you are to depart for home, pickup from your hotel.

Premium hotel accommodations

You’ll stay in a comfortable hotel, directly across the street from Lincoln Center and the opera house.

The best prices

You have no reason to travel in a group when you can travel on your own for less-than-group prices. Our custom-made, private tours are just  $1695 to $2095 a person.  Our private tour prices are often hundreds of dollars lower than other opera travel companies’ group rates!



“The NYC Opera Tours Difference”

Pat and Steve Kutay, owners of NYC Opera Tours are thrilled to share their love of New York City and the Metropolitan Opera ™ with others who have a passion for travel, the arts and opera, yet don’t care for the herd-like tours offered by standard travel companies.

Need help designing your own tour?

You can take advantage of our personal experience of New York City and the Metropolitan Opera ™. We can advise you what to bring with you and what to expect when you go.

You can trust our first-hand experience and knowledge to direct you to ALL the must-see sites, as well as to more off-the-beaten-track areas of the city. It all depends on your curiosity and sense of adventure.

Just call us at 1-984-202-5958, Monday – Friday, 11 to 6PM.

Flexibility and Freedom

The greatest advantage of booking an opera tour with us is creating your own private adventure. You’re not subject to a fixed schedule of a large tour; in fact, you can modify your itinerary to suit your desires.

Your only limit is where you want to go. Once in the City, you can stop when and where you want — to take photographs or just to stretch your legs. No long lines waiting to get back on the bus.

You can tailor your trip, so you can rest whenever you want. Or you may want to squeeze in as much as possible into your day. Choose what’s right for you.

In either case, our approach translates into a great experience you will never forget.


If you are ready to start collecting more special moments, and not just ticket stubs, we invite you to call Steve at 1-984-202-5958, or discover how to book one of our New York opera tours here.