Q. How do I get my opera tickets?

A. This is very easy. Just walk over to the Metropolitan Opera box office. Your tickets will be there under your name. The box office is open on Sunday from noon to 6 PM and on all other days from 10 AM to 8 PM.

Make sure that you pick up the tickets for ALL your operas before your first performance.

Please make sure that you note the time that your performances begin. This time may not be the same for every performance. Some performances start at 7 PM, some at 7:30, etc.

You will not be let into the performance if you arrive late. You will have to wait until the intermission.  Being on time is very, very important.

So make it a point to arrive early.

If you want to really make it a special night, try to have dinner at the Met’s ™ fine dining restaurant, The Grand Tier. While definitely not a drop-in, casual place; deep pockets and reservations are a must, it always has stunning reviews!